Useful Links

USEFUL LINKS - PLEASE NOTE - THESE LINKS ARE FROM AN OLD WEBSITE AND MAY NO LONGER BE ACTIVE.  IF YOU FIND ANY OF THESE THAT DONT WORK PLEASE LET ME KLNOW BY E-MAIL TO TA. = my pictures on Smugmug = my Blog = the website of Clondalkin Camera Club, (founded in 1988) where you can find a Calendar of Events, and lots of interesting content as well as a great Links page with lots of useful photo related information. = the website for the Irish Photographic Federation, the umbrella body for Camera Clubs in the Republic.

Have a look at this link sent to me by Leah Pruitt  -

Steve’s digicams - is a US based Photo Equipment review site - click on

Digital Photography Review - another very useful site for all things photographic - click on

The Irish Photographic Federation - is the umbrella organisation and governing body for Camera clubs in the Republic of Ireland. It regulates Inter Club Competitions, on a Regional and National level, and awards three levels of Distinctions to photographers who have demonstrated their proficiency in photography. Their website can be accessed by clicking here -

ePHOTOzine is an online Photo Magazine, sponsored by a UK equipment supplier. It has lots of Interesting Tutorials, advice, an online gallery, discussion forums - click on

The Digital Photography School is an Australian based online photographic website which has lots of free online articles, tutorials and other useful information. Their website can be accessed by clicking on this link -

Have a look at Photoventure - they have loads of advice and tutorials suited to every level of experience - here’s the link - 

Another great site is They have lots of free short tutorial, hints and tips, and longer classes you can pay to join up to. Here’s the link to their website - 

Similarly the Picture Correct website has lots of useful tutorials and articles - click on to access the site.

Also Cambridge in Colour’s website has lots of useful hints, tips, tutorials etc - here’s the link -

Cheat Sheets - guidelines for various photographic sitiuations - check out and 

Irfanview is a useful site which allows images manipulation, re-sizing etc - click on for more information.

Camera Simulator - here’s a good site to see the effect of changing Sensitivity (ISO), f-stop (aperture) and Shutter speed. Click on

Training Videos / Tutorials on Adobe TV - click on and search for the produce you want to see training videos for.

Also check out Julianne Kost at

Lets Go Digital - click on

Links to sites with advice on Lightroom include Here’s a link - Also have a at

Have a look at this link sent to me by ? -


As well as Irish Based retailer such as Bermingham Cameras(,  Conn’s Cameras (, and Dublin Camera Exchange ( to name but a few, there are other overseas suppliers which supply to the Irish market. is a Jersey, Channel Islands based supplier of photographic needs, as well as memory cards, and such like. They charge in £ sterling and will charge you for postage and packing. is an online supplier some of the members have used successfully in the past with no problems. and are good for photographic books as well as gear.

Tripod manufacturers or importers websites:

Cullmann Tripods - click on

Slik Tripods - click on

Manfrotto Tripods - click on

Velbon Tripods - click on

Filters Manufacturers or importers websites:

Lee - click on

Tiffen - click on

Cokin - click on

Hoya - click on

Nature and the Environment: is the website for Birdwatch Ireland, while is the websites for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

Both of which have lots of useful information about birds and related topics. is the website for the BBC Wildlife magazine, a monthly magazine which has great wildlife and environmental topics, photos, surveys, hints and tips.

Confused by all the jargon? This site may be helpful -

Hyperfocal Distance - what is it? - this link explains -

Audio Visual Software (for putting your still photos to music and a commentary):

Picturestoexe - only for Windows based computers -

Proshow Gold is another programmes used by some of our Members -

Microsoft Movie Maker (which I think either comes pre-installed or as a free download) - click on

If you have lost or deleted images by accident you can (probably) retrieve them by using Image Recovery Software such as Card Recovery - click on to this link - - the software costs about €40, and is well worth it to retrieve missing images. You should download images from your camera / memory cards as soon as possible to your computer, then delete the images from the card and format it. An external hard drive or cloud storage is also a good way to keep your images safe.

You can check the lighting conditions for any location by using these apps - The Photographers Ephemeris, (, Light Track ( or Focalware ( - to find out the times the Sun and moon rise and set, and the direction of light for any location, time and date. These apps can be useful in planning a photo shoot.

Here's a link from a US based Junior Scout Troop who sent me this link and asked me to include it on this page.  Although the content is USA based, there is a lot of useful information for all photographers worldwide. Here's the link - Thanks Michelle!